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In  2016, Dame Scout Founder, Jackie Raudabaugh, began reflecting on friendships as an adult.

Often times it is hard to maintain the friendships we once knew and making new friends as an adult can feel challenging to say the least.  When looking back at a lifetime of friendships, Jackie thought fondly of the time she was in scouts growing up.  Throughout the years the scouting experience allowed her to develop deep connections to friends old and new, gain skills, and have amazing experiences. 


She began to wonder...why couldn't the essence of scouting get replicated into adulthood? 

As usual, she reached out to two of her ride-or-die friends who often went along with her crazy ideas and they were so excited to come over and get this party started. 


The first meeting of Dame Scouts happened in 2016 and continued monthly until the pandemic put a stop to things.  With the world shut down, the meetings stopped and Jackie put her full attention into her business, The Posh Shop Co.  However, Dame Scouts never left her mind and she kept thinking about how to replicate Dame Scouts in an online forum that could bring ALL women together.  Finally, this new form of Dame Scouts came to her...

This is just the beginning and we are so glad you are here!

We believe all women (regardless of their age, race, orientation, sexuality, education, finances) can embrace who they are,
can support one another, and can change the world.

Our Mission


We empower women

to step away from their every day and embrace

a life of fun and creativity through

a sisterhood

of badass women.



-TO establish a welcoming community for all women

-TO empower WOMEN to be their truest selves

-TO embracE creativity, diversity, and beauty

in differences

-TO creatE happiness with one another and

through our projects, swag, and events


On my honor, I will try

To serve class and sass

To help badass bitches

at all times

And to live (loosely)

by the Dame Scout Law

Smiling Friends
Happy Friends

dame scout law

I will do my best to be:

Honestly amazing and fairly kind

Bold and brassy

Smart-mouthed and sassy

Delightful and dear, and

Responsible for my own ridiculousness

And to 

Respect myself and others (if they deserve it)

Respect uniqueness

Make choices semi-wisely

Make the world a glittery place and, 

Be a sister to every Dame Scout

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