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Dame Scouts is all about bringing strong women together to share friendship, creativity, and a lot of fun! 

We wanted to offer several ways for people to connect so ALL women could participate

regardless of time, income, or proximity.  We would love for you to join us!




The main goal when creating Dame Scouts was to create and foster and community of strong, creative, and amazing women.  While there are a few ways we plan to do this over time, we have already started by having an online community available on Facebook and Instagram.


You can follow our Facebook and Instagram to connect with other Dames through fun posts, polls, and more!  We host some private groups on Facebook for our clubs to allow for more discussion, connection, and more.


Need ideas on how to connect, you can always reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook through messages or through our email!



We have hosted different virtual events, like Guest Speakers, Dame Chats, and our Virtual Book Club.  We hope to grow our online events even more over the next year.  Virtual Dame Scout Events truly allow us to connect with women all over the United States, which is truly so amazing.

We also went back to in-person events in 2024 after a complete hiatus since the introduction of Covid into our world.  We are cautiously optimistic that we will be expanding on these events in the future!  We just introduced our new Wine Club and hope to have some fun events planned soon as well as some volunteer opportunities.

We currently exist in-person ONLY in Michigan but we truly hope to continue growing and evolving to the point where we can travel and connect in other states as well.  However, if you are in another state, we are building our new Start a Troop Packets to assist you in beginning a troop, still fully supported by us, wherever you are!

Stay tuned for that coming in 2024!

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