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Welcome to the Dame Scout Blog!

Hi, I am Jackie! I am the Founder of the Dame Scouts. I wanted to take some time to tell you about myself, about how Dame Scouts started, and how it has evolved into what we are doing today. I am so excited to have you here and can't wait to get to know you better. Join are definitely welcome here!

Who Am I?

While I want Dame Scouts to be more about you than me, I do want to know all of you personally. Aside from being the Founder of Dame Scouts, I am the Owner of The Posh Shop Co, a place for smart, sassy, sarcastic babes to find gifts for themselves and their besties. For 12 + years I worked in the coffee industry, as a Barista, a Supervisor, a multiple-store manager, a District Training Manager, and more. I loved getting to see regulars daily, working with my amazing staff (many of who remain my friends today), training people on operations, and having one of the most fun stores in the District always.

After I left my career in coffee I dabbled in Wedding Coordination, Wedding Planning, Wedding Sweets Tables, Graphic Design for Weddings (Invitations, Place Cards, etc). Aside from weddings, I owned a recycled jewelry company that was fairly well-known in my area and pretty cool if I do say so myself lol. But, nothing brought me the happiness I was looking for until I started Posh and knew what it was like to own a business that allowed me to just be myself.

I do love to work and create truly lights me up, but when I am not working I love hosting events, hence how Dame Scouts started. I also throw fundraisers for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I am the Team Captain of a team in honor of my brother who passed away from Cancer and it is something that I hold in my heart. I am a writer to my core and though I took a long hiatus from producing any real work one of my dreams is to make writing a priority again in the near future.

Some fun facts about me...

- I have a husband named Colin. He is a chef with a passion for creating (and eating) pizza.

- I do not have children of the human variety but I have three cats and that is pretty cool. Their names are Baby Kitty, Coco, and GG.

- My mom is my best friend and she helps me with any crazy ideas I come up with. We spend a disgusting amount of time together, working, creating, cooking, cleaning, and watching everything on Bravo or 90 Day Fiance.

- I love my friends hard even though I stopped seeing everyone during the pandemic. One of my best friends started working for me now though so that's super fun!

- I am an animal lover. I absolutely cry during ASPCA commercials, I am a hardcore vegetarian for the past 20 years.

- I am a Cancer zodiac through and through - empathetic, a crier, super sensitive...the whole she-bang. I am also an Enneagram 2 if you're into that and that fits me to a T as well.

- I think I am a fairly good chef and dream of owning a cafe someday.

- My favorite colors are black and pastel pink.

So, Why Dame Scouts?

If you read the About section of our website you can learn why I started Dame Scouts, but the Cliff Notes Version: I wanted to make crafts, eat, drink, and hang out with some awesome women. It really was that simple. I was a Girl Scout growing up, I loved it, I wanted to recreate it, I asked some friends and the next thing I know we are meeting monthly with sashes and dues and a pledge and laws, and we were fully submerged in this thing. We had more and more women coming and joining and it became something so amazingly fun and real. Covid put a wrench into our plans, but I knew I would bring it back somehow and make it something even bigger and better than before!

What is Dame Scouts Going to Be Now?

The sky is really the limit and the ideas and dreams I have for Dame Scouts are truly endless. We are starting now by building our online community through Facebook, Instagram, and soon this very website. Through these groups, we are going to support, share, inspire, and thrive together. We want to offer positive quotes and articles, community, fun, and eventually guest speakers, book clubs, virtual events, and more! Also, we will be launching the Dame Scout Box - a monthly subscription box with an art project for you to complete. I am so excited about this box. Subscribers can complete their craft on their own, with a group of friends, or virtually with other Dame Scouts and ME online! It will be a great tool for connection and fun! And, lastly, with time, we will be offering live craft parties in our area, local day camps, retreats, and more! You won't want to miss it!

In closing, thank you again for your interest in Dame Scouts! We do hope that you will join are welcome here!

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